Expare, continuous training and productivity

Continuing education is a must in a world that is changing faster than ever. However, it is difficult to find time to keep up to date and keep learning in your industry.

Expare allows you to create a schedule of your free time to consume content focused on the professional world, such as articles, podcasts, books, talks, whatever you want.

The objective is to improve time management and enhance the value of free content from authors and creators that exist on the Internet.

Expare is aimed at all types of professionals who want to continue learning about their sector or any other discipline that interests them.

Users can discover new ideas through content added by the Expare community or their LinkedIn contacts.

To motivate users to stick to their schedule, Expare has a progress system, where you can unlock different achievements such as, for example, maintaining a streak for a week.

Discover, plan and achieve your professional goals

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