I'm Sergio,UX/UI
& Content Designer

I began my career studying Journalism and was immediately drawn to design as a way of communicating complex ideas.

I have worked in communication, marketing and graphic design. Each experience have brought me closer to Product Design.
Now I specialise in UX/UI and UX Writing.
I design responsive multi-device products for clients in different industries, such as Automotive, Retail, Security and Renewables.
I have also worked on a variety of personal projects.
Some of them are more focused on UI.

100 days of UI Design

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Some of my projects cover the complete process of Product Design.
From User Research and IA all the way to Prototyping, Testing and Visual Design.

Case studies

Portfolio Expare app UX/UI

Expare - Training and productivity

Expare allows you to plan your spare to stay up to date in your industry, discover new content such as articles, podcasts and videos, and continue growing as a professional.

Portfolio UX/UI nueva funcionalidad WhatsApp: Reportar Bulos

New WhatsApp feature - Report fake news

The spread of false information has become a priority problem for WhatsApp. This feature seeks to improve the security of the service without violating the privacy of the users.

Portfolio Trialbuzz app UX/UI

Trialbuzz - Subscription manager

Trialbuzz is an app that allows you to manage your subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Spotify or Notion and schedule notifications so you can cancel them in time.